The Jar Trap Strategy:
Are You Stuck in a Jar?

In the world of marketing, there’s a fascinating story about fleas that illustrates a powerful concept. Fleas are known for their incredible jumping ability, capable of leaping many times their own height. However, when you place fleas in a jar and cover it with a lid, something interesting happens. The fleas will jump and repeatedly hit their heads on the lid. Over time, they learn to limit their jumps to avoid the lid, even when the lid is removed. The fleas continue to jump within the confines of the jar, no longer attempting to escape beyond its limits.

This phenomenon is remarkably similar to how leading brands like Apple and Google treat their clients. These companies create an imaginary jar with their products and services, confining customers within their ecosystem. Consumers become accustomed to the limitations and rarely think to venture outside this comfortable, yet restricted, environment.

At Enkreo, we refer to this as the “Jar Trap Strategy.” Brand marketing and competitor marketing involve identifying this jar, breaking it, and transferring the “fleas” to a new jar of your own making. It’s about challenging the status quo and encouraging customers to see beyond the confines they’ve grown used to.

So, next time you find yourself or your clients comfortably confined within a particular brand’s ecosystem, ask yourself: Are you in a jar? And if so, how can you break free and create a new space of innovation and growth?
At Enkreo, we specialize in identifying and breaking these jars, helping brands and consumers alike to discover new possibilities and achieve greater heights. Join us in breaking free from the confines and exploring the vast potential beyond the jar.

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