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Logo Design
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Nupilots academy is an educational platform for young aspiring students who are focused on becoming full-fledged pilots. The academy has both digital and onsite platforms. The client wanted a logo that shows aero plane or other aviation elements within the logo. They wanted the academy to be modern, upbeat and unique.

Logo Design

The goal was to create a logo that stand out from regular and cliche aviation logos and add more meaning and uniqueness to the logo. Here the letter N which is the monogram is carefully placed in the negative space of two flight shaped elements, thus making it unique and relatable to the name of the company. The logo is bold, minimal and will work on any scale.

Nupilot Logo


The brand colors were selected carefully to represent the brand as a fun, energetic and innovative educational brand rather than with serious and blunt character. This modern and sophisticated fell was adapted to all the print and digital products of the academy. Here is an image of the business card that we designed for the academy.

Brand Patterns

These are some brand patterns created from the logo which can be used on any branding materials. These patterns are intended to add more fun and creative nature to the academy. These patterns can be used on brochures, exhibition and office spaces to make it more live and energetic.


These are some mockups created to capture an overall idea on how the brand characters should be adapted to uniforms, caps and other brand materials. There is a strict consistency that was followed on all the different brand elements especially the colors and fonts.

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