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Wild clothing is an existing brand that wants to establish its presence in the E-commerce segment. Wild was concentrating on alternate fashion which is being new trend in recent times. They have their unique styling with different design prints on the t-shirt and the unique glow-in-the-dark design. So, extensive market research was to be done as people are get to know about the raising trend. Social media strategy is to be done as the alternate fashion is the new segment and make people attracted to the product which wild is selling. The challenges were faced when the website is being designed. It was a new and different approach to be made as the product line was a different segment and a new area of the target audience is to be addressed. 

Enkreo got a new experience while working with Wild clothing. Market research was the most difficult task as the target audience was not defined but our highly motivated team figured out where to place and whom to target. Website designing was the fin part of this project as the website gave a mysterious and dark themed which was a perfect blend for the brand detailing of the clothing line. The marketing strategy was tailormade for this project which was developed by the marketing team of Enkreo. 

Web Development

Wild Web design was concentrated on the mysterious look and dark theme as the Wild clothing line was based on alternate fashion and in the gothic style dresses. We had made a website that is feasible for B2B marketing and B2C marketing. Banners are designed by an expert team that adds beauty to the website. The user interface is so simple people can easily move through and give a better experience for the customers.  

Wild clothing E-commerce setup by Enkreo. An expert team was allocated for the project for maintaining the inventory and back end of the project. The E-commerce website was developed and it was linked to the backend which the customer provided us and the working was perfect. The team of Enkreo also has met the need of Wild Clothing to manage the B2B customers and the B2C customers. Banners and Images in the E-commerce website are exclusively designed by the design team. The analysis is also being done on the website to know from where the customers are coming and what all changes are required for the upscaling of the brand.  

Amazon Content

Wild Clothing received assistance from Enkreo in creating their printed products for online retailers like Amazon. We created top-notch content and oversaw the Amazon store. For people to locate Wild Clothing simply, we also conducted keyword analysis on Amazon. We also took pictures and videos to maintain a distinctive brand identity. The skilled market research team was there to analyze Amazon’s trends and carry out the plan for scaling up the products available on the Amazon Marketplace. 

Social Media

Social media strategies for Wild Clothing were made by the expert team of Psychologists and marketing experts in Enkreo. The Vision which was seen by the team was perfectly put into the design team. We have set the design pattern and elements for Wild Clothing which make it unique. For this Enkreo has taken feedback from Wild Clothing. Clothing is always a style signature for the people who wear it. we used social media to tell the people that Wild is not just any clothing brand it’s a style signature to them. We concentrated on reels and posts to make more traction on the website and social media platforms. Enkreo has an expert team who knows to work on the algorithm of Facebook and other social media. 

3D Product Mockups

3D designs were also made for the wild clothing by the Enkreo team for the product mockup and other social media feeds. The 3d videos were made for social media posts that have a great impact on people and curiosity was made for the brand. There were more than 100 designs of t-shirts. Enkreo has finished them within the time limit, Thanks to the expert design team who has worked around the clock and across the globe. Yes, we are a Global team!!!! 

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