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Urban Ants: Visionary architects reshaping cityscapes with creativity and innovation. Seamlessly blending functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability, their team crafts cutting-edge skyscrapers and eco-friendly residential developments. Inspired by the industrious nature of ants, they build environments that stand the test of time, redefining modern urban living.


Public awareness and lead generation to boost annual revenue 


  1. Geographical target audience was very diverse 
  2. Conveying arch knowledge and POV to the public 


1. Employed advanced occupational and terrain-based filtering techniques.
2. Strategically segmented the target audience into multiple funnels for precision.
3. Utilized Cross-Promotion to expand reach through collaborative marketing efforts.
4. Leveraged Content Marketing to create compelling and relevant materials for diverse segments.
5. Implemented Hashtag Campaigns to enhance visibility and engagement.
6. Tailored approach ensured a more personalized connection with specific demographics.
7. Optimization through filtering maximized the impact of marketing strategies.
8. Resulted in a more effective outreach, resonating with the diverse interests and preferences within the target audience


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