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The project focuses on ways in which we can achieve Sustainable Transportation and how Graphic Design can play a role in the process. The purpose of the project is to effectively propagate the need of Sustainable Transportation and the damages that our life-style is causing in our day-to-day life. 

The project will have educational purposes and will try to make the people understand about their responsibility for social welfare and safeguarding our environment. The rapid increase in the use of vehicles is leading to Climate Change, emission of Green House gases and respiratory diseases.



The concept of the logo was to show an arrow that represents a change in the way we are living right now. There are a lot of things that we should change in our daily life to reduce the impact of man on nature. The arrow is carefully designed within the letter “G” which is the monogram. The logo is designed using concentric circles and grid lines. Pale green, faded red and black were used as the primary colours. The faded green represents the fading greenery of the world.

Brochure Design

The A4 Brochure explains the history of transportation and gives the reader an idea of what sustainable transportation is and why we need it. The brochure also shows the current scenarios and how sustainable transportation can help to achieve sustainability through simple methods.

Pamphlet Design

 The Genesis tri fold pamphlets focus on providing quick and in-depth details of the campaign and its goals. The pamphlet has the details of current scenarios and the immediate need of sustainable transportation. The inside pages also tells the reader how he/she can participate in this campaign and what all things they can do.

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